Why is my internet speed slow?

If you are suffering from slow internet surfing and browsing issues, then you are not alone. I’ve seen a lot of people asking this question to experts but some of the experts are failed to answer this question. I’ve searched a lot on the internet for the solution of this problem and found the information that the slow internet problem occurs due to these problems.

Age of your computer:

This is a very common problem almost every slow internet browser face. They usually have an old computer that does not support the fast internet. If you also have an old PC and suffering from slow internet problem, then try extending your computer’s Random Access Memory (RAM) or try to buy a newer version of the computer.


Another common reason for this problem that most of the people face is that their mobile or computer has a virus in it. And they are sucking your internet’s speed and MB’s.


Sometimes the problem is your router. Router is a device that forwards data packets between the computer and your network. If your router is of the local and cheap company, then the signal strength will be weaker than the strength of a branded router.

Crowded network (shared internet):

If you are sharing your internet with your family members or your neighbors, then this can be a strong reason that your internet is slow. Because when there is more than 1 person on the same network and they are using it then it can cause the internet to work slowly. This can be a strong reason for slow internet.

Background apps:

Sometimes we suddenly face slow browsing problem but we see that we haven’t opened any other app or page that can suck the internet speed. This is also a very common problem and this happens because of our background apps that are always in working condition and sucking our internet speed and MB’s. Your Email application, Facebook application, Messenger app, WhatsApp app, other social media apps and system applications are some of them.

These are the common reasons for slow internet browsing and downloading. If you have checked everything but the issue is still same as before and the internet speed is still dead, then try to contact you service provider and ask them for a visit or the solution of your problem. This will surely help you.

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