How fast is my Internet? How fast can it be?

The Internet is one of the fastest sources of information. But its speed varies and highly depends on different factors. These factors are given below:

• Network Traffic:

The high volume of network traffic may slow down and affect the speed of your Internet. Network traffic is a number of devices connected to your network router or mobile network provider’s tower.

• Slow Hardware:

Old or faulty hardware may also reduce the overall Internet speed. For good internet speed, it is necessary to keep your network adapter up to date.

• Viruses:

Viruses are another factor that may slow down the performance of your device and Internet.

• Distance from Network Tower:

Internet speed depends on the distance from network tower when mobile data connection is used.

How fast is your Internet?

The speed of your Internet connection is checked by below given ways:

Contact Internet Service Provider:

If you are using a DSL network, then you may ask your ISP (Internet Service provider) to know the Internet Broadband package. Usually, Internet Broadband packages start from 1Mbps to 8Mbps for home users.

• Make Internet Speed Test:

Internet speed test is the most effective way to check how fast your Internet is. Internet speed test can be conducted via a website or through an app. Some websites that may help you to conduct Internet speed test are:

1) WebPageTest

2) Varvy Page Speed Optimization

3) Dotcom-Monitor

4) Page Scoring

5) PageSpeed Insights by Google

Mobile and Smartphone users may download Internet speed apps in order to measure the Internet speed. Some popular Internet speed test applications are:


2) nPref

3) OpenSignal

4) Cisco Global Internet Speed Test(Gist)

5) Internet Speed Test Pro

Internet Speed test results may include Download speed and Upload speed.

How fast my Internet can be?

Faster Internet connection can provide fast download, upload, and surfing rates. But faster Internet connection can be much more expensive. When the wireless network is concerned, currently 4G LTE is most common network generation. 4G is 10 times faster than 3G and provides download speed between 5 and 12 Mbps. Upload speed can reach maximum 50 Mbps. South Korea is considered a country with world’s fastest Internet connection. At DSL connection speed depends on the distance from the ISP company server. While newest ADSL+ standard provides up to 24Mbps downstream and 1Mbps upstream speed. However, 5G network standard is the next generation of mobile networks and wireless systems.

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