How to make the speed test for mobile?

The Internet is a huge knowledge base from where you can get detailed information from a micro-sized germ to a giant galaxy or universe. Today, Internet has become one of the least expensive, most accessible and fastest source of information. But the still speed of internet is a big issue as speed highly depends on the location of the device. The popularity of the internet has not remained limited to the computers. Internet connectivity in mobile phones has revolutionized the networking standards and broadband cellular networking.

Internet in mobile phones:

Mobile cellular networking generation evolved from 1G networking that was analog and then from 2G digital networking was introduced. 2G internet was enough for online text searching and for image searching up to some extent but it could not provide the user with video streaming. 3G came up that amazingly boosted the speed of internet on mobile phones and compelled people to use smartphones. 4G standard increased the internet speed than that of 3G. But sometimes it is needed to test internet speed on your mobile phone. Below is given a guideline that can help you to perform Internet speed test.

Guide to make the speed test for mobile:

Mobile internet speed test is way different than testing the internet speed through PC or Laptop computer.

Step 1: Turn on your mobile data or Wi-Fi:

In order to test the speed of internet connection on the mobile phone, it is required that your mobile phone is connected to the internet. To connect to the internet, you must turn on your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data connection.

For Android Users:

To turn on mobile data connection: Go to Settings>Connections>Data usage> Mobile data and turn on Data switch


Swipe down and tap the mobile data icon.

To turn on Wi-Fi: Go to

Settings>Connections>Wi-Fi and turn on Wi-Fi switch


Swipe down and tap the Wi-Fi icon.

For iOS Users:

To turn on mobile data on iOS: Go to

Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data and turn on Cellular Data

To turn on Wi-Fi on iOS: Go to

Settings>Wi-Fi and turn on Wi-Fi switch


Swipe up and tap Wi-Fi icon (not usable if connecting to new Wi-Fi connection)

Once you are connected to the internet, you can see Wi-Fi icon, E, 3G, LTE, HSPA or HSPA+ sign on the top of the mobile phone screen.

Step2: Download an internet speed test App:

Internet speed test is made using an application software. You can install a speed test app on your mobile’s Application store. Android Users can go to Google’s Play Store and Apple users can look for an internet speed test app on iTunes or Apple App store. There is bundle of internet speed test apps available in these application stores. Some of these apps are given below:

For Android Users:

  1. Speed Test Light
  2. Speed Test
  3. Internet Speed Test
  4. Sensorly
  5. FCC Speed Test
  6. Open Signal
  7. Speed Checker
  8. Speed Analysis
  10. nPref

For iOS Users:

  2. Network Analyzer
  3. Speed Test SpeedSmart
  4. Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (GIST)
  5. Internet Speed Test-Mobile
  6. Net.isFaction
  7. Internet Speed Test Pro
  8. NetSpeed
  9. nPref
  10. Okala Speed Test

After the installation of one of these apps completes, run the app and start the test.

Step 3: Check Speed:

The application will execute and start measuring the speed of your internet connection. Most of the applications measure both upload and download data rate.

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