Website Speed Test Sites and Tips

When we look back, a few decades ago the internet was just limited to financial, educational and government institutes. Moreover, it was much expensive so that home users could not afford it. Since Internet has become available for each and every person living on this planet, it has become affordable as well. Today more than 3 billion people are using the Internet for different purposes according to the statistics of United Nations agency that supervise the international communications. Accessibility of the Internet has made this world a global village due to its ability of fast communication and information sharing.

Why Website speed matters?

As broadband has become a standard for internet communication, websites are expected to load within seconds. The basic purpose of making a website and publishing it on the Internet is to convey information to the target audience. In this era where the use of the internet is common, website speed highly matters because if a website would be slow, it will never become popular and never be able to attract the audience which is a website’s sole purpose. As the number of websites has been increased, the tolerance level of internet user has been decreased dramatically. People always search for a faster website with effective content.

Website Speed Test Sites:

A website only gets 15 seconds to convince a visitor so, if a website would take more time to load people will reject it altogether no matter how much productive its content is. Therefore, below-given sites and tools can be used in order to check the speed of your website.

1) WebPageTest:

WebPageTest is an online site that helps you to test a website’s speed in a unique way. It tests a website as first view and a repeat view. Website speed test is run from different locations around the globe using a real browser at real internet connection of the user. It provides many advanced features for testing such as video captures, ignoring SSL certificates and disabling JS(JavaScript). It is really simple and easy to use.

2) Varvy Page Speed Optimization:

Varvy is another online website that offers amazing website test services. It generates a specific report consisting of five sections including JS usage, found issues, CSS delivery, services used and resources in diagrammatic representation. This website contains many documentations, tutorials, and tips for web page optimization. It performs a thorough test of your website which makes varvy so popular and favorite for website testing.

3) Dotcom-Monitor:

Dotcom-monitor is another quality source that is available online for website speed test. It is an amazing online tool that tests your website from different locations around the globe and from different popular browsers. It also provides a thorough report of missing elements, comprehensive waterfall chart, breakdown by host elements including DNS, Connection, SSL, first Packet, and Download etc. It also offers website monitoring services.

4) Page Scoring:

Page scoring offers simple and understandable report about Page Size, Download Time, Connection Time, Redirect Time etc. The specialty of page scoring is its ease of use. It also provides domain lookup services.

5) PageSpeed Insights by Google:

PageSpeed insights come up with the trust of Google that completely analyze your website speed and generates complete reporting with performance scale grade between 1 and 100. Moreover, it gives recommendations to optimize your website speed.

Tips for website speed:

    Some tips for website optimization are given below:

    • Always try to minimize your HTTP requests by decreasing number of components on a web page.

    • Optimize images before uploading. Try to minimize the size of images without losing valuable quality.

    • Optimize CSS delivery by using a minimum number of CSS style sheets as each CSS sheet increases HTTP requests.

    • Divide CSS for above the fold elements and external parts.

    • Reduce the number of plugins used on a website.

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